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I did want to say thank you to all of you who signed. When we started this site over three years ago, we had no idea that there'd be so many people out there who felt the same way we did.

Some of these commments are just classic, even three years on, we still enjoy reading them. We wanted to make them available for everyone, so here's some select comments left (in no particular order) on the petition. Enjoy!

This is simply revisionist history and I don't take kindly to it. I'm glad that Mr. Lucas is happy with his special editions, but they shouldn't ever replace the original films. The Original Trilogy MUST stand as the historical achievement it is, without the aid of today's technology. Frankly, the movies don't need it: they stand on their own.
-Mike Hughes

Han really did shoot first, and when battlestations the size of a small moon explodes, THEY DON'T BLOW UP IN AN EXPANDING RING OF FIRE!! When the death stars blow up we should all cheer, not jeer, dammit.
-Ulrik Kammersgaard

Han shot first, Greedo never had a chance. Keep it the way it was!!!
-Ian Lisakowski

i'm not even sure what this site is about, but i just have this to say... "Sucking down pints till I didn't know, Woke up in the morning at the Won Ton Ho. Cause I announce I like girls that bounce, With the weight that pays about a pound per ounce."

Uncle George, you told us the updates to the OT were made because you could finally afford to make the film you originally envisioned. But clearly Han shooting first wasn't a budget issue; rather, it was what you originally envisioned. Please don't change your vision.
-Wayne Hopwood

Thank god I bought the VHS boxed set when I did. I was able to show my daughter the pure version of starwars.
-Will Hannold

George Lucas has blasphemied and betrayed the covenant. He has his thirty peices of silver.
-Bryce J Bushell

This site is wonderful thank you lol,thank you thank you thank you!
-I shall continue to praise this site up

Han's pre-empitive shooting of Greedo shows the man for what he was, it set his character up perfectly, cos when you saw it you knew he's wasn't going to be a goody-two shoes like Luke but a bit of a rogue. Plus if Greedo couldn't hit a target that's less than one metre away AND NOT MOVING, then perhaps being a bounty hunter wasn't the ideal career for him!!! Come on George, I'm grateful you made these great movies in the first place, but changing this bit was a huge error!
-Rich Adair

More betrayal of my childhood. Shame on you, George Lucas.
-Ralph L Santovenia

Han shot first before and he still should
-Jeff Clemens

Please George You took away everything that was special about Han when you changed our introduction to him. Release the orginals Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Stephen Schwartz

I love the original versions and i'm in danger of having 2 watch the re-cut versions as my old tapes are wearing thin!! Release the originals on DVD so we can keep the original visions forever (with no loss of picture or sound LOL!)
-Ben Moulden

-robert nguen

All the other additions to the Special Edition version are great, except that HAN HAS TO SHOOT FIRST!!!
-Rob Sival

can you figure out what my email adress letters stand for. glucasiaa, george lucas is an as$$$$$.
-kenneth kisch

this site is the shit!
-Boby Tanovski

lucas, stop letting your hair make decsisions for you.

Knock it off George. Stop letting your kids make desicions on the movies. Too many ass kissers and yes men at Lucasfilm allow this shit to happen.
-Steve kongialis

realy bad effect, bring the original on
-Phil M.

George! stop being so politically correct.-->Han Solo is not a moral knight!
-T. Molenaar

Disney bastardized Jasmine in Return of Jafar, The (1994) aka "Aladdin 2� however this was done in a stupid sequel knowingly made not for the general public but for kids who see the B movie in the store and convince their parents to buy it. For this I have some respect however I have none for Lucas and his retarded ways.
-Ryan Walker


For the love of sarlac, PLEASE change it back.
-kevyn bourgeois

I refuse to buy the DVDs of the original trilogy just because of the altered greedo scene.
-John Finnegan

It suprises me that in this day and age of DVD goodness that we can't have the originals on DVD form.
-Sean-Mikel Flowers

Lucas doesn't know when to leave well enough alone... Star Wars is dead to me. T_T
-Jens Piepgrass

No one has the right to desecrate that which is sacred to others. If this happens, those who hold such to be dear have the right to organize peacefully and fight back. In other words we may use any methods necessary but I want him alive, NO DISINTEGRATIONS!
-Trevor D

Not only did he fuck up A New Hope but the dvd release of Empire Strikes Back. When the Imperials discover the base on Hoth Vader tells the admiral that that's the rebel base and skywalker is there. Then in like three sceens later the emperor tells vader that the young rebel that blew up the first death star is skywalker. But yet Vader already knew that. Oh and theres a reversed shot of Bobba Fett in Return of the Jedi in Jabbas place.

Nothing really to say other than I prefer the original theatrical release over the "Special Edition".
-Danny Fulton

Keep up the fight!
-Don Schilling

Frankly my dear, -- "I THINK WE SHOULD GET MARRIED!." THE END *gut punch*
-Sean Gilbertson

Greedo shoots first?! Don't you ever stand for that sort of thing! Someone tries to kill Han, Han tries to kill them right back! Han's got the right same as anyone to live and try to kill people.
-Malcolm Reynolds

Why did you have to make Han a boring 2d character? He was great in the original, but now he is as transparent as celophane!
-Eben Alguire

PLEASE release the originals on DVD! We know you like the special edition better, but we don't!
-Crystal Bandel

Pretty please?
-Nick Buckendorf

Who doesn't want another $30 or $40 million in their pocket? Release the theatrical versions of Episodes IV, V, & VI, Mr. Lucas. You know that if you make it, we will buy it...
-Cole Huggins

I strongly agree with and believe in the cause here. For the first time I've found an organized group of people who agree with my believe in the preservation of the original Star Wars. I bought the remastered trilogy on DVD, and was stunned when I saw that Lucas changed Luke's original vision of his father standing with Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi to a freaking vision of Hayden Christensen. Seriously, what the fuck was that. Anyway, yeah, I totally support.
-Tyler Wentz

greedo sucks. han shot first.

Be honest to the original
-Matthew Lander

Changing this scene changes the whole essence of the Han Solo character that we know and love... It's worse than E.T. and the guns that became flashlights! Give us back the original!
-Devon Nullworth

Jedi mind trick: "You will release these films now..."
-Timothy D. Harvey

This is like a special edition of Gone With The Wind where Rhett & Scarlett get married in the end! Travesty!
-Tim Kerch

Greed can be a powerful ally, too bad it's George's.
-Ray Ragan

Lucas is a fool not to release the originals!
-Paul G Meaney

George Lucas has been replaced by a cybernetic super pussy.
-Scott Elliott

The "Special" edition really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, sucks ass! We want the original on DVD! Did I mention that the special edition really sucks ass?
-Jake Zax

Greedo shooting first is Bullspit. Han is only alive b/c Greedo misses? WTF? NO WAY. Lucas castrated Solo with that change.
-Joshua Greenman

Amen! At last a place that shares my opinion. As a real Star Wars fan I want to see the real Star Wars films again. Hopefully Mr Lucas cannot be blind to the outpouring I know will come from this petition. If he wants to demonstrate his loyalty to the fans then he knows what to do.
-Mike Hinshelwood

I remember reading a book once that had one of the main charectors of the story shooting someone in cold blood. It gave the charector one of most human experiences I have ever read about because the shooting was after a cease fire of a major war. If this was changed to something different the book would have lost a lot of its humanity and scope.... Why change things that were originally put there for a reason?
-Matt Whiteside

Please, just clean up and rerelease the originals!!!
-Marci Gray

I don't know which is worse. Greedo shoots first, or Luke screams like a little girl in Cloud City. I missed the ending of Empire Strikes Back Special Edition because of that one.
-Andrew Holden

-Dave Brown

I also prefer the older version of the max rebo band in jabba's palace.
-Marcus Lim

He shot first, no biggie. He's still awesome

just leave the original version intact!
-rich hart

George, you ruined Han's character with this scene. In the original, he was a total scoundrel who found redemption through the rebellion. In the new one, he's just a guy who has no significant character development: basically-good guy to basically-better guy does not count.
-Phil Mills

Han's journey to the good side was foreshadowed by showing his bad side, which is what was accomplished with him firing first in the original film. To change that is to cheapen the effect that Luke and the force had on Han as the film progressed. Han 's development was a good one, going from badass to hero... and without that badass the journey is without meaning or purpose. So bring the original scene back: Han shoots first!
-Peter Lowry

Please, please release the theatrical versions of the original films on DVD, I'm waiting to purchase episodes 4-6 until then. Why would you not give us a choice in the matter? I think you would be surprised at how many prefer the originals.
-Nathan Hopkins

If they are going to edit any one scene for the better, they should have had that Pimp Boba Fett flying away in RotJ, popping some caps as he escaped to live another day. But since Boba has been revealed to be Mexican, this won't ever happen since George Lucas is racist. GEORGE LUCAS DOESN'T CARE ABOUT BROWN PEOPLE!
-Nick Doran

"Greedo shoots first" BLOWS
-Mike Meitin

Please, Mr. Lucas, take our money.
-Chris Anderson

I'd rather see the movies in their original form.
-Scott Armstrong

If just to shut up my Star Wars obsessed girfriend Kate..
-Nate Hall

Please remove this awful re-edit from the 'Special Editions' or release the original theatre release (the only thing I really liked about the SE was the color correction for the Hoth scenes)
-Ben Cranks

Please do an 'Alien Quadrilogy' 6-film box set. Let us choose our favourite cut with the magic of DVD. Second only to 'Han Shoots First' is 'Bring My Shuttle'!
-Hugo First

I like both the Special Edition and the Origionals and I would like to see the origional versions on DVD and with origional poster art would be great!
-Theodore Jordan

Lucas is more machine now than man - Twisted and evil! Stop Knitpicking and release the originals!
-A Cool Guy

I want to see the original classic masterpieces known as Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI released as they deserve to be on DVD with THX sound - please.
-Chris Sommerhalder

Why not put both versions on one disc like they have with other movies in the past? That way people have the choice to watch whichever version they prefer, and ensures the continuation of the original vision, without losing sales for the new vision.
-Susanne Gilby

Come on! Han is a smuggler! He's a criminal . He's scruffy-looking! Of COURSE he's going to shoot first. Wouldn't you?
-Jason Cwik

You killed Han's character arc and cheapened the film. Fix it, George!
-Halstead York

-Cody Miller

Release the originals, or die.
-John Wilhere

Han just isn't the same guy if he doesn't shoot first.
-keith westgate

I would dearly love to see the original versions released on DVD. While there are only a few scenes which bother me in the special edition Lucas releasing the originals would stop me from wasting valuable hours trying to cut my own version :)
-Jason Naylor

Stop destroying the movies of our youth!
-Tim S.

It's a shame to see the original pieces of art lost forever. Until the originals are released I'll have to be happy with my DVDs ripped from the laserdiscs.
-Dan Shott

Get them out on DVD! I've had to buy laserdisc rips of the original trilogy transferred onto DVD-R because I refuse to buy a copy of the Special Editions. Howay man, Lucas.
-Gavin Salkeld

Han wasn't meant to be a roll modle so why make him one?
-Jake Breakwell


I prefer to watch movies as they were released to theaters (the first time)
-Jason Gouger

It's just sad to change the classic.
-Nate Spillson

Wow so... Episodes I and II may not have been masterpieces but episode III kicked your ass...

Please for the love of all things holy rerelease the theatrical prints of these movies.
-Kevin O'Shea

It was a different man who wrote Star Wars Episode IV than the man who decided to make this ridiculous revision.
-Ryan Hayes

What's the harm in releasing the original versions? Mr. Lucas, we can't go back in time and fix our "errors". It is the mistakes we make that turn us into the people we are today. Allow future generations to see what you were able to create in 1977 in a world without CG. Own up to your past and be proud of it!
-Kevin Whinnery

Greedo shooting first? It turns an interesting scene pedestrian, and it looks fake as hell.
-David Zimet

its not just Han, but many of the changes in the SE were either totally uneeded and unwarranted, or just plain lame. releasing JUST the SE on DVD is like trying to erase the movies that built the culture, replacing it with the movies that polarized the culture.
-Evan Luine

Bring back the original!

When you remove perceived "imperfections" from a film as important as Star Wars you remove its soul. Restoring their films to their former glory should be a top priority of a known film preservationist like George Lucas.
-Jared Bellow

To morally sanitize a beloved classic is a thousand times more despicable than colorization. What's next-the death star gets off a shot that ricochets off Yavin 3 before Luke destroys it? Feh. Any pirates out there who can undo this travesty? Let's teach George a lesson and pass it around the net for free.
-Junior Chengo

I won't even bother buying episodes 4-6 on DVD knowing how they've been mutilated. I was all for remastering them to improve the film quality, but CHANGING the scenes is reprehensible. You should've made the film you wanted to make the first time. Adding Hayden Christensen to Return of the Jedi was the ultimate sacrilege. If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!
-Damien Gale

I want to see the original movies, with cleaned-up video and effects. Not *additional* effects, just the original ones done without obvious glitches. And NO CHANGES to the story. PLEASE.
-Daniel Hull

This release will result in a great commercial success for LucasFilm and a great nod to longtime Star Wars fans.
-Juan Pablo Bouquet

who cares who shot first but if it meens a chance for a new star wars im in.

It goes without saying that Star Wars is a truely great contribution to cinematic art. And, I enjoy viewing cut scenes and alternate endings. But, to alter the plot of this film, deceitfully, without notice to viewers who were unable to watch the theatrical release, is appalling. Hans shoots first!
-Paul DeStefano

Yes, Han shoots first! Please release THAT version of the film! And while you're at it, just go ahead and undo all the changes that were made to "The Empire Strikes Back" ... the special edition ruined a perfect movie!
-James Dolas

Han is a badass, thats why he shoots first!

Is it enough we have to put up with the depressingly dull prequels... let us not put up with this sanatised bollocks. Han Solo was a scoundrel and would kill another to lessen the risk of him getting killed himself. He's a criminal for crying out loud.
-Nathan Cocks

I don't really see the problem with the revised versions. They've always been Lucas' child and they will always be. When the fans get what they want they get scenes like the T-rex running around San Diego. Fans don't know what they want. FACT: Directors and Producers make the movies, not fans.

I have the special edition and "Close the Blast doors, close the blast doors, Open the Blast Doors, Open the Blast Doors" is in there Gary... I bought the VHS Special Edition Trilogy after they put it out in 97', shes' there! Bring back the original!

That�s one thing I HATE about the internet----every idiot CAN have a voice�.go love yourselves Morons�

GREEDO SHOOTING FIRST RUINS THE MOVIE. Haven't you ever heard of redemption? Han starts out as a perfectly appropriate character to find in a wretched hive of scum and villainy.. and then he gets accidentally pulled into doing good practically against his will. He is resistant at first, but as we come to find out, it was fate that he met Luke & ObieWan.
-Adam Fraish

Wow. This is the cooles shit I've ever seen. Though, I must admit I have no life. I care who shot first. For someone to not notice that is rediculous. Oh and all the Star Wars movies are good, except the first three.
-Normal Person

Gredo deserved what he got!
-Eric Brandel

-Bryan Cook

No more PC-bulls**t!
-Frode Svendsen

Seems George is forgetting who is fan base consists of; the people he is trying to protect with editing his films for the masses, or, the kids who spent their summer of '77 watching Star Wars over and over and over.
-W. Scott Moore

If Greedo was that inaccurate with a blaster at three feet he didn't deserve to be a bounty hunter anymore.

Thank the Lord someone did this.
-Matthew McClymont V

Special edition ruined Star Wars.
-Russell Mackowski

i cant beilve you morons

I have to admit, I felt pretty ripped off when I saw Han let such a sloppy bounty hunter get the drop on him. But it's just one of many things that horrified me about the "special edition." Please, please... just put the THX version on DVD so I can replace my aging video tapes.
-Steven Fisher

Lucas you've lost your mind. Restore our faith. Don't screw this up.
-Michael Anderson

This is just another example of bogus politically-correct artistic whitewashing. It also is harmful to historical and cultural accuracy. Plus it's just plain dishonest. Nic Leobold
-Nicolas Leobold

I owned a toy store for 7 years. Every year, Star Wars toys were my top sellers. Since version 2 was released, perhaps one customer in 20 favoured the changes, the other 19 were either upset by them or felt they added nothing. My own take on them: Any credibility Jabba the Hutt has as a "powerful" or "feared" crime lord is shot with Han walking on a part of his body. Secondly, totally outside of missing someone with an energy weapon from a few feet, Han has no character arc if he shoots first.
-Andrew Turner

If that was he true vision, surely he could have done it in 1977? They had Stormies firing blaster bolts.

Don't get cocky George!
-Han Solo

To cut a long story short, some things are to stay UNTOUCHED and UNCENZORED - if u suppose that someone will start shooting at other people after seeing this episode - then it's his own guilt!!! And his place is in sanitarium from the very beginning!!!

Just as lame as taking guns out of et. Lame lame lame.
-Kathleen Sanders

Who would you prefer make the money there, Georgie? You, or the shady fella down at the flea market where I got my bootleg DVDs of the originals?
-Aaron Allen

Nomatter where you stand on the Solo question, I think most would agree the original release would be worthwhile to have released.
-Donald Wendt

It's just unecessarily selfish and pretentious to withhold films that created a culture because they aren't what the director "orginally intended." Sure, splice and add to them all you want, but you damn well better make the originals available to us - because that's what we care about. We don't care what Lucas cares about.
-Dan Bell

Lucas, you crazy bastard! no one likes what you've done with Star Wars since 1984.
-Ben Forbes

maldito hijo de perra release the original versions not fucking crap

It only makes sense to release the original version in addition to the suped-up-hyper-deluxe edition. DVDs were designed to accoumodate multiple versions of a film.
-San De Anda

Looking forward to the flock of Toucans though.
-Tim Moore

Dear George Lucas, Please destroy your current Star Wars Galaxies game and re-do it the right way, it's not like you are lacking in money or anything.... WE HATE THE CURRENT GAME! IT SUCKS ASS! WE HATE THE CURRENT MOVIES! THEY SUCK ASS! WE ARE SICK OF SUCKING ON YOUR ASS! We would really appreciate your prompt attention in the matter - Have a nice day.
-Secret Agent C421

I would love to purchase the THX/Theatrical release of Episodes IV, V, and VI on DVD.
-Glenn Attwood

changes like this make baby jesus cry.

Greedo died by the hands of solo... this crime will be solved! Greedo RIP we love you and your memory lives on. God bless
-John Ricks jr

This site is wonderful, Visit
-Boby Tanovski

The originals are still the best!
-Marc Marion

It's worth a go. Here's hoping.
-David Marando

Come on George, and everyone at LucasFilm, your breaking all the little Jedi hearts by not releasing the originals on DVD, it means completion and that we have finoshed our mission.

I already have the bootlegs of the trilogy from hong kong, so lucas isn't getting any money from me for his fucked up piles of shit DVD release. When the theatrical versions are available again, I will purchase them.
-Curtis Turner II

Its a good idea.
-andrew kasurak

I actually like the idea that Greedo shoots first. I mean, I think it makes Han MORE of a badass that he dodges a blaster bolt by just moving his head, and still doesn't loose his cool! Han rules, no matter WHO shot first!!!!!!
-Gabriela Marquez

Save Star wars

Screw the "fanciness" of the new crap, part of the beauty of the originals was the grittiness. Quit messing with our memories Lucas!
-James B.

Han shoots first.

I Hate the fact that this ONE scene was tampered with. From the Phycology of it to the visual flaws of it. I find it outrageous. Sort of like painting a smile on the Mona Lisa because you feel she need a happier look. PLEASE.
-Tony Stevenson

-Thomas Alan Gamble

Though there's only 385 signatures, I know that there are a ton of people from my generation who miss the originals. Mr. Lucas, I know that you said you'd never release the originals on DVD....but they were your masterpiece! Special effects and CGA do not, by themselves, make a great movie. I don't care how much more real the new stuff looks, it doesn't have Alec Guiness and Harrison Ford. Throw us a bone! We love the original. P.S. Boba Fett is way cooler than Jango.
-Drew Hitchcock

I don't like G Lucas anymore. Im so over this guy. Its all about Peter Jackson now..
-Max A

Mr. Lucas, Please for the sake of everything reverant in the Star Wars universe, release an unaltered version (i.e.- Han shoots first) of Star Wars on DVD. I realize you want us to see YOUR version of the film but this was the version WE, your adoring and PAYING fans grew up with. Thanks for your consideration. Paul Braasch Orlando FL.
-Paul Braasch

This particular, egregious change, is another attempt, like putting flashlights in the hadns of police officer in ET, to prevent children from becoming violent. It's misguided and harmful to art and creativity.
-Clint Clausing

Please give the movies back to the fans. Its through these movies that the fans have put you where you are.
-Steven Bradshaw

I would definitely like to see the originals on DVD. The special additions were fine, until you get to the parts that they added or changed. Almost every addition or change was distracting, silly or something that reminded you that what you were seeing wasn't real. Obviously, it is all make-believe, but you're not supposed to be reminded of it by special effects that aren't there to compliment the film, but rather to serve as spectacle. It's almost like they were saying, "Hey look what we can do

Really, you want to turn the smug outlaw into a wimp...I mean how much more in character is it for Han to shoot first rather than try to talk his way out of it THEN fire back in self defence. =( I don't even see why this is an issue, how would Han be able to dodge a blaster shot from 2 feet anyways??

Mr. Lucas's possessive treatment of Star Wars is very unfortunate. The theatrical versions of episodes 4-6 are the ones that captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of fans. They may not have been everything *he* wanted them to be, but they were a dream come true for the fans. Here's to the dream continuing in the digital age - it original form.
-Jonathan Manis

Lucas's ego is too huge to let it happen. :-(
-Thomas Winzig

"This flick may be the worst idea since Greto shooting first!" - Holden, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
-James M

Old school Starwars forever.
-Ted Spence

Let Han be the one he is!
-Carsten Markmann

Everybody knows that Han shoots first, it's that devil-may-care reckless attitude that won me over. Now, well.. I've had to move on. Change it back! (and yes, girls like SW too.)
-Meg e

Thanks for pussifying the best character of the original trilogy...
-Hugh Jass


I hate Mr. G. Lucas. He has given me and all Star wars fans a dilemma. Since episode I, II & III we shall forever have to choose: A are we movie lovers? B are we Star Wars lovers? As we can all clearly see, from that moment on we could never again be both. My fellow Star Wars friends, with pain in my Midichlorians I must confess........My name is Lee.........and I'm a movie lover!
-Lee Carmichael

Note to Lucas: What would you say to your buddy Coppola if he decided, one fine day, to re-edit, reshoot scenes for, and add things to The Godfather series? You would tell him to sit back down at the table and have another glass of Chianti.
-Jesse Ross

I don't know what's worse, Greedo firing first in Star Wars: A New Hope, or that disastrous song-and-dance number spliced into Return of the Jedi. Since there's no page dedicated to restoring Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo Band to their former glory, I'll be glad to add my name to this petition and hopefully at least one cinematic wrong can be righted.
-Brandon Sweet

Lucas should restore the original version of this scene for the 3D versions that will be out in a couple of years. While he's at it, he should shoot Jar Jar, too.
-Nick Stowfis

More than anything, I was upset when I watched my new DVDs of the original trilogy, and the very final scene of Return of the Jedi had been altered from the original to include the kid who played Anakin in episodes 2 and 3. What about the guy in the first version? Is he now expunged from the Star Wars legacy forever/ I have been a fan my whole life. I even remember watching Return of the Jedi in the theatre. My nostalgia from my childhood should not be tossed out for bigger profits.
-Erin Shipp

Please, God, no!
-Rob Cunningham

Please release the theatrical or THX enhanced version of the Star Wars trilogy on DVD. I and all of my friends will not buy any more Star Wars merchandise until this happens.
-Ryan Carroll

So what? Will George now blame Greedo shooting first on midichlorians too?
-Alex F.

Star Wars was the very first film I saw in a movie theater as a child. And I don't mind improving the FX, but changing the storyline makes no sense.

-John Telstry

Bout time star wars geeks admit Episodes 1 2 3 sucked. Only now do you see that Star Trek is superior.

Jar Jar Sucks
-Howard Wolkow

Why couldn't they release both versions on DVD? That way, people could choose for themselves. Lucas has said that his original films don't really exist anymore, which is sad. If they're listed with the Library of Congress as a "National Treasure", then any public exhibition of the films SHOULD be the original version. George PLEASE put the originals on DVD and let the fans choose! We gave you all that money over the years, the least you can do is give us what we originally grew up with.
-Scott B.

Damnit Lucas. Get your head out of your bank account for a minute, and listen to what the fans want. If it weren't for us, you'd be nowhere!
-Wayne Osteen

Han shoots first.
-Ken Caron

Wipe the sand out of your vagina already.
-Carll Hoffman

Agree wholeheartedly. We want the originals!!!
-Mike Vida

Han shot first!!!!!!!!!!!!! Character Arc

The new effects looked out of place, and detracted from the story. I liked the original better.
-Ian Prest

George, we're happy that you're able to realize your original vision for the movies... but so many of us love the "classic" version of these movies... What would it hurt to release both on DVD?
-Rich Schmidt

Give it up Lucas, you jumped the shark
-Jonathan M. Barney

Thanks for raping my childhood.
-Matt Greene

Save Star Wars
-Nick Tobben

Please, no more crappy music video in the middle of the movie!
-Christopher O'Brien

-Ryan Webb

Thank you all! I know that was mean but I'm Bored and your site sucks big time! Get some games Man!
-Boby Tanovski

shooting first ruined Han's image

i want my childhood back! and i want it for you too.
-abi huynh

George Lucas never gave me a reach-around the selfish basatrd!

C'mon, George! Give us the real stuff!!!
-Cameron Savage

please rerelease the original versions
-bill kazanis

Stop screwing with it already. The first one was good, the special edition sucks
-Dave Kekish

the originals are far better that special editions
-charles gifford

Fix that!
-Eric Engelstad

Read my green animatronic lips... HAN SHOOTS FIRST!

Having Greedo shoot first just destroys Hans reputation. He already has to deal with the fact that he dumped his cargo at first sight of an Imperial Envoy. Then Lucas further destroys his already falty street cred, by taking away what was one of the hardest things ever in the motion picture industry. Damn you to hell Lucas.
-Lewis Fairgrieve-Park

Mr. Lucas, while I understand that Star Wars is your property, and you have every right to alter it how you see fit, as a fan I also feel you have an obligation to us, in letting myself and other like minded individuals to make a choise as to what version they want. Because after all it was the fans who made the trilogy what it is, without our support the saga would never have advanced beyond episode IV. And if you wanted Han to shoot first originally, why didn't you film it that way?
-Scott Pacheco

As a collector, I would like to have both on DVD - it would make me appreciate both more.
-Myles Hildebrand

The modified one takes away from the scene. It lookes very fake.
-Scott Scheraga

Not only would I like the Cantina sceen restored in a release on DVD but the end to Jedi Strikes back was altered to the point that I haven't even watched it yet. I don't want the memories of the original spoiled. It is 2005 and even though I own it rereleased on DVD I will not watch it. I'd rather remember Vader as the older man in the scene where the spirits are standing together than young Anakin from the new prequels. I heard of this sceen I haven't seen it myself for the previous reason
-John J Griffith

Han needs to shoot first - it his character: he didnt want to be taken by slimy Greedo in the first place and his anger by Greedo stopping him is easily shown in the original film. PLease dont ruin the movie by the alternate sceen that was done - KEEP THE ORIGINAL!!!
-Joe M

Han is a scoundrel early in the trilogy. He should have been left that way. Shoot your way out of a sticky situation. Stop trying to teach your kids moral lessons George.
-Adrian Dorazio

PLEASE; Han was a miserable low-life who OF COURSE shot first. His rehabilitation through Luke and Leia is even more poignant because of it.

Please give us the original!
-Joe Hartford

You had it right the first time, George. Give us a branched DVD with the choice of which version we want to watch.
-Kevin Lowe

Please, it was quite simply a better movie.
-Erich Schmidt

What's next? Arab Swordsman attacks first, before Indiana Jones shoots him?
-John Mullins

not only does it not look good (han shooting second) but it alters his character completely. he is no longer hard boiled, just poached. I would love to get the originals on dvd.
-Samuel William DeGraff

Han really does shoot first. :p
-Dan Glockenrock

The original theatrical version of Star Wars is the movie that I treasure from my youth. I don't have a problem with the revised versions being marketed, but it distresses me that the version that I care about will never see the light of day again.
-Andrew Moses

I have the original editions on VHS but the quality gets worse over time, just release the ORIGINALS on DVD it wouldn't even take any extra effort.
-Jesse Kremer

It is an extraordinary disservice to all students of film to not make the original version of this film available, if for no other reason than for purposes of comparison with the later release. This wasn't an early draft that Lucas was displeased with and discarded in favor of a better version, this was a fully released cultural phenomenon that has important historical significance.
-Jeffrey Allen

WHAT THE MOO! Why can't I stop looking Brad Pitt Celebrity pr0n?
-Nate Whitaker

Fuck off, George.

nobody likes you anymore george. you ruined what we grew up loving.

Will only purchase if unedited version is included in trilogy. (Please look at E.T. for example)
-Craig Bartusek

Star Wars is awesome :)
-Mindy Kenny

I dont see why we cant have all the versions of the film. I know I'd buy the original and special editions. More money for George if only he'd take it.
-Kyle Perkinson

The original release of Star Wars was really great. The grainy quality of the film added character--a harsh life in a galaxy far, far away. It would be a real pleasure to have another DVD of the original theater release. Such a release would compliment any DVD collection of all the Star Wars films.

What I don't understand about the whole thing is WHY Lucas won't authorize a release of the originals on DVD. It just seems like a pride thing to me. Seriously, what would it hurt?

you're the man now dog! star wars be the awesome. yarr....
-tom sejkora

Han shot first in the Star Wars story. In the revisionist release, not only does Han incompetently allow Greedo to FIRE at him (undermining the character), but he somehow DODGES the laser bolt. This is ridiculous and a contemptible revision of a classic scene.
-Ilan Muskat

The new versions suck.
-Travis Engler

I would like to buy the original versions that I grew up with. I appreciate Mr. Lucas' pursuing of his own vision in releasing the Special Edition (which I also like) but I ask that he would appreciate the fact that we the fans put up the money that made that vision possible - it has been our hard-earned money buying Star Wars stuff over the decades that has made Lucas rich, and I hope he will show some appreciation by re-releasing the original or THX films.
-Daniel M. Hixon

The Greedo scene's not the thing they messed up. In my opinion every change they made to these movies was mistake.
-Brian Gardiner

I fell in love with the films as they were originally presented--I will never purchase them until the theatrical or THX versions are released.
-Ryan McSwain

If you want to understand just how artistically bankrupt Lucas has become, just watch Ep III where Darth Vader 'learns' of Padmes death ... and then watch any episode of Futurama that has Calculon's 'acting' in it: "Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" Matt Groening should sue.
-Owen Maroney

I didn't buy the original trilogy on DVD because I'm waiting for the theatrical release on DVD. I guess I could find something in China if I needed to.
-James Lind

Please give us the option to view the movies on DVD as they were released in the theatres ... BEFORE the special edition stuff was added, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder.
-Paul Robert Wendt

One thing Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Ok so Eleven things who cares tit heads!
-Boby Tanovski

Dammit Lucas, quite messing with these damned movies!!! We loved them the way they were!
-Brian Keszler

I have the original editions on VHS but the quality gets worse over time, just release the ORIGINALS on DVD it wouldn't even take any extra effort.
-Jesse Kremer

I weep for Lucas, because he no longer has the spark and vision that made Star Wars great.
-Matt Gilbert

Please remove that god-awful scene from the new versions. It is the only change that made me want to rip my hair out. How can you not see that it looks really bad. (Horrible special effects...) His head looks like it jumps across the screen and how could a bounty hunter miss someone from 3 feet away. AAARRRGGGHHH!! IT SUCKS! REMOVE IT!
-George Hendrickson

the orignal was best. with dvd technology you could include the original and "special edition" versions and let the user pick which to watch.
-tash robinson

-darren butler

If people liked the movie with him just being the self-centered ass he was, why change it?
-Cosmin Nicolaescu

ragan if you see this call me... Great website.
-Jessie Leahan

Fuck off and Die Lucas!!!
-Alan Koberton

Maybe in the next release you can change it from Greedo to Beedo!
-Ken Geis

Lucas absolutely screwed up the StarWars trilogy with the release of the "Special Edition". I have refused to but any DVDs until they release the theatrical versions.
-Mike Rae

Lucas, I want the original version of the films on dvd, not your "sanitized" version.
-Brent Ortman

Release *all* of the versions on DVD. I'll even buy the extended editions in a boxed set if it comes with the theatrical versions, too. Many people grew up with the theatrical versions, and while it's fine to update those, it's not fine to deny access to the true originals.
-Jason Kratz


Han shot first. The voyage from rogue to freedom fighter for the aliance is the strength of this character. Without that defining moment in the cantina, Han Solo turns into just another character.
-Maarten Edgar

sanitized versions suck. What happened to your balls Lucas?
-Kevin Snow

Well, my signature is not needed since I read that Mr. Lucas will be releasing the theatrical version on DVD, FINALLY! But I would like to know how you plan to get the prequels rejected from Star Wars canon...really.
-Leslie Farquharson

Please give us the original version!

change it back!
-Scott Farrar

-John Payne

I don't remember.

dear george lucas, i love star wars. i love everything related to star wars... please don't kill my first love. rather, please don't perpetuate it's death: bring back my baby. we can handle the truth - everyone knows that solo is a scoundrel and that he must start as a scoundrel in order to become a hero. if you can't change it back, then you've just shot your characterization. in the foot. thank you, george lucas. p.s. the force is cooler than a blood test: down with midi-chlorians!
-amanda klunk

I even have a Japenese style shirt depicting this struggle I got from the Star wars web site. I won't buy any copy of the movie that does not have Han shooting first.
-Fred Mertz

I think it makes no difference who shoots first. it happends so fast in the movie that you really can't tell unless you are looking for it. does this effect the movie at all? Um...NO!! i think everyone hear needs to relax a little bit and move on. IT'S A MOVIE!!. Now i love Star Wars as much as the next person but it makes no differnce to me.
-S. Costanzo

To think that when I saw Star Wars back in the 70's there was no thought to the fact that Han NEEDED to shoot first...he was to be the taxi driver for the Jedi after all. We just didn't question the motives of the good guys back then...and don't forget that Obi Wan whacked a guys arm off in the same cantina so death seems to be SOP for the place.
-David Dorshimer

I want my children to see what I first saw. Please release the originals. Please.
-Peter Walton

Real fans of the movies need to stop whining and realize that star wars is star wars, if George changes something, deal with it, if you can't accept it then you should put shame on yourself for not emracing the changing star wars universe
-Kevin Dynia

All I want is the original as is...
-Aaron Gross

I the Reverend Matthew J Burbank of the Universal Life Church stand behind Han Solo, all that he stood for, and your Honorable cause.
-Reverend Matthew J Burbank

Let's Petition him to remake the Star Wars Christmas Special and have Han shoot Jon Bon Jovi when he sings "R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
-Tim Gaulin


I can't wait to see the boxes around the tie fighters again. Now THAT was a brilliant special effect.
-Joel Penner

Please, release the digitally remastered theatrical "Star Wars" trilogy on DVD (lossy as it is). The Photoshoppy effects were cool when they came out, but it's important future generations be able to experience "Star Wars" as it was originally seen.
-Eric Vinyl

Free the fan bois!
-Ray Ragan

I am lucky to own the original boxed VHS set of Star Wars and when introducing the movies to my 10 year old daughter, I made a special point of telling her during the bar scene that she was lucky to see the correct version of the shooting of Greedo. I told her that when we get the DVD special edition, she will get a chance to see the crappy version of this scene and how utterly inferior it is.
-Eric Austin

I concur
-Joel Martinez

What a waste.
-Matthew Goddard

This happens with music also - the original versions retain the soul and the remakes are sort of based on the creator's compulsion to do 'anything' after they remained proud of the original but at a loss as to what to do next.
-Julian Cochran

I love star wars. I could have jumped more at the opportunity to sign this then the moment I saw it. Thanks for sticking with us geeks who love star wars.
-Nick Bermudez

Hey, how bout this? put the stupid, i mean, "all new" scenes of greedo shooting first and then han using a walkie talkie to have him removed while accepting a handjob from 4LOM, as EXTRAS.that way, the stupid kids,i mean...NEW FANS who use terms like "Light Side"and "Darth Sidious" can still get their weenies wet over uninspired bullshit,while the rest of us watch the real thing. NOOOOO

I really don't like the special editions. I really like the original versions. I want to buy the original versions on DVD.
-Alec Berryman

I suck
-John Kerry


This is the version we all grew up with and loved. Why are you taking it away from us?
-Matt Gever

Let us not forget how much we all miss the original Ewok celebration music!!
-Jr. Blanco

George has lost it.
-Steven Goldberg

Please, for god's sake! The new version ruins everything that is cool about the Han Solo character!

Han shoots first, George Lucas, Han shoots first.

I grew up on the original, I'd like to own it in good quality.
-Jody Shumaker

He did shoot first, please keep it that way.
-James Fullerton

Lucas please leave the films we love alone, dont be a PC monkey.
-Geir Olafsson

Come on George, make an extra $50 from the Star Wars fans and release the theatrical release of the first three films. They are loved and perfect without changes. Han shot first and we love him for it.
-Scott Mingus

change it back!
-James Seymour

Fuck George Lucas, fuck him in his stupid ass!
-Marc Anderson

The only reason I am keeping my laserdisc player is to view my THX versions of the Trilogy.

You suck l00cas! What were you thinking!
-Zeke Baker

I'll say this, as this is what matters: Were the three films released on DVD in their original form, my money would be spent on them.
-James Dieteman

Obviously, George Lucas is not only a Genious of Cinema, but also a first class engineer of intangibles. How so, you ask? Well, he's obviously invented some kind of cool vacuum, and sucked all the cool from his movies. Or, maybe was an anti-awesome matter, and inserted it into the trilogy. Yeah, I geuss that sounds more resonable.
-Tim Lovett

-maria schmidt

I agree with you guys - the shot looks horrible.
-Marc Spess

Leave well enough alone. Those moves have been DONE for years, save some money and stop changing them.
-Andy Ryan

A blind bog troll could spot EVERY one of lucas' improvements... because they all stick out like sore thumbs... Don't you just love the way Han steps on Jabba's tail... FFS! what a bodge job... Put it back the way it was.. .i weren't broke.. don't go fixing it... HAN SHOT FIRST! (and thats why we love his pirate a$$)
-Lee Hodgkins

I feel that it is rediculas to make the shot in "self defence" by Greedo missing. One reason, Greedo was basically saying "Im going to kill you" It was already self defense. Another is a trained bounty hunter wont miss point blank.
-Daniel Morgan Hancock

Release the THX version!
-Seth Vinchattle

Visit for a similar petition. And George, if the Star Wars movies were so revolutionary, classic and timeless as I've gathered from the Empire of Dreams DVD, why can't you release them alongside the special editions?
-James Perry

This was totally a totally unnecessary change: it's ok to shoot evil guys first-- everybody knows that, and Greedo was clearly evil-- just LOOK at him (and of course, there's the name GREED-oh). But the worst part? If you're going to make the change, it better at least LOOK GOOD! Stupid, George, stupid.

I like the special editions. I like the theatrical editions. I don't like the fact that Han shoots first. He's a scoundrel. His father was a scoundrel. Scoundrels get the chicks (or Princesses, in this instance). Let him stay a Scoundrel.
-Todd Eichmann

It was bad for Stalin to re-write history and it's bad Lucas. Let the original works stand on their own merit. Star Wars shaped how my generation grew up. It was the most amazing movie I had every seen. Re-releasing it "new" scenes is fine, it's fun. But let us have the original we grew up with, as well. Thanks.
-Seth Grandeau

Please release the orginal movie version of Star Wars or the THX version. Han Solo shooting only in self defense turns him into a whimp!
-Thomas Granvold

Just reading the list of changes at: is really disturbing. Replacing Boba Fett's voice with that poorly acted guy from Ep II who has a NZ accent?! Replacing Adult Anakin at the end of RotJ with Hayden Christianson?! I wish Han had preemptively shot George Lucas instead!
-Luke Trist

The story was good as it was! I dont consider these abominations Episode I,II or III as anything but a cheap hollywood scheme. You did your best to try and avoid the steel claws of Hollywood, Mr. LUCas, by making Lucasfilm. But even now you find yourself in the dark clutches of a new evil force; your wallet. do you want to be remembered as a killer of dreams and beauty for a cheap buck? Do the right thing and Release theatrical star wars without your all the new CRAP!!!

Release the THX one on DVD!
-Matt Steele

To George Lucas: Give us the original versions of the films, you self-absorbed, lame ass directing control FREAK!
-Dan Rios

I refuse to buy any version of Episodes IV, V and VI other than the original theatrical version.
-Chris Wild

George Lucas has worn the same jeans in interviews for a hundred years now! Why not release the classic versions of his most celebrated films, too! It's the fountain of youth, baby!!!
-Jon Henry

Why can't they just release a DVD with both versions? Easy!
-Aaron Sanderson

Someone stop George Lucas. Why are all people named George fucking crazy? George W. Bush wants to destroy the world and George Lucas wants to buy it. We must take his art from him before he ruins it forever. Like inserting Jar Jar in every movie and making him say words like Poopy and Meesa for cheap child like laughs. Euthanize George Lucas! For that alone, I sign this.
-Jason Z.

Han's personal motto is and always has been, "Shoot Greedo first and ask questions later."
-Jeff Robeano

-Sarah A

I want to see the originals released on DVD, as I was disapointed by Han becoming a wimpy nerfhearder in the new version as well as I didnt like the added FX or that useless added sceen where Luke greets Bigs in the Yavin moon space port. When you watch this added sceen, you understand why it was left on the edit room floor in the first place. Also, it would be great if they do a release, to do the DVD cover art using the original movie posters instead of the packaging used on the THX releases
-David Felsher

Let's create the 3 new episodes again, no more exploiting special effects. If ewoks were little people then just cast tall people for Chewies,use some special effects but dont overdue it pleaseeee. Believe me if you redid this 3 movies with new scripts..we the people will be there and its more money for you!! Think About It
-Alejandro Cuahutle

It would be a different story if the "extra sceens" were actually extra sceens and not shitty afterthoughts that bring nothing to the movie. Screwing with peoples childhoods and memories is not cool...give us the theatrical releases and let us return the "special" editions for a discount on what we really want!
-Kris Veo

Han isn't a pansy. He knows when he's got to save his bacon.
-David Kuehn

If you're going to do a "Director's Cut" make the movie better (the Blade Runner way) rather than worse (the "digitize-the-hell-out-of-everything-and-fuck-up-the-storyline" way). Lucas, please take your testicles out of the carbon freezing chamber, and for God's sake, USE THEM.
-Andrew Fiori

Simple request -- please make the original theatrical releases of the films avaialble on DVD for nostalgia's sake. They don't have to be a stand-alone edition; make then an alternative cut on a DVD release with Lucas' vision. But as a film collector I'd like access to the historical version.
-David J Burns

Yo wad up, Chiling you are?
-Boby Tanovski

Han shoots first!
-Scott Wenerstrom

George Lucas is a stingy bastard!
-Brendan Dacey

In a dog eat dog galaxy, Han would never have made it off planet by waiting for bounty hunters like Greedo to take the first shot (at about 3 feet away??). Luck schmuck, resourceful people make their own luck. Han iced him first. He even shot first at Lord Vader. Han doesn't play the waiting game when his neck is on the line; and neither does Indiana Jones :)
-Joe C. Harvey

Han shoots first!
-Peter Musolino

The only reason I've kept my laserdisc player.
-Rick Culler

Oh, c'mon. You can't screw up with the ones who made u rich and famous. Let the good n old ones out again!
-Marcelo Borges

The 're-imaginings' of the original trilogy are a travesty, and all fans should at least be given the option to watch the films in their original exceptional versions.
-Robert Magee

-Peter Watanabe

han was a badass. let the world acknowledge it. dont pussiefy him.
-heath anderson

I realize that it makes Han a less sinister character having him shoot in self defence but I saw Star Wars when I was a wee boy and I turned out OK!
-James Pratt

just change that ONE scene back! Han shot FIRST! All the rest of the changes, I can accept!
-chad Shepherd

I don't know what you're trying to pull here, but please let our memories of our movies stay intact. "Improving" the movies like that speaks volumes about your art---$$$$ and $.
-Amanda Schilling

-penis envy

I want to know who you people think you are! How dare you question my shenadigans! Eat a penis you rotten cyber geeks!
-George Lucas

I have the original widescreen release of the trilogy on Laserdisc, and it is infinitely better than the VHS. A DVD release would be just that much better.
-Gavin Olson

I am Ben Niedorfer, and I fully support this. Mr. Beardy is insane, 'nuff said
-Ben Niedorfer

U NEED TO PRESERVE THE FILM AnD since im young id love to see how lucas first made the films ive seen it before but i was to young to remember i would pay alot to see these and have them as a collecters item
-Joshua Duenas

Oh just release it the way it's supposed to be.
-Dan Spidell

Big supporter of the original vision..
-Fosco Marotto

I can't believe you made _me_ out to be the bad guy. Now I'm the murderer ehh? That dirty rat Han shot me first and you damned well know it. Now here I am stuck in pergatory for a crime I didn't even commit. Trust me George, if we ever meet, I will most certainly shoot first.

The special editions make me look like crap.
-Darth Vader

In addition to Han not shooting first whatever happenned to "Open the blast doors. Open the blast doors" followed by "Close the blast doors. Close the blast doors."?
-Gary Ricard

Mr. Lucas, I was born in 1971 and saw Star Wars 6 times in the theatre when it first hit the big screen. Please sell the original trilogy on DVD for those of us who want to relive our childhood. I like the Special Edition, and I own it, but I would love to see the originals on DVD.
-jeff williams

Why lose this chance to make even more money, Mr Lucas? If you think Han shooting first is bad example, just release it under a higher age rating (PG13 or whatever), but I am sure the fans would be delighted to have on DVD the same movie they saw in the theaters.
-Rodrigo Vieira

-James Harrison Fallon

I want to see the movie the way I remember seeing it before the SE. Even if you just release both movies (original and SE)in a "collectors edition" DVD set, I'd be happy.
-Jim Murphy

I am glad I am not the only one that noticed this.
-Bradley Ouimette

..just because you change your mind 20 years later doesn't mean it wasn't the right decision in the first place.
-Greg Kegel

Han shot first. He should continue to shoot first.
-Daniel Hanley

Han shooting first WAS self defense! Greedo had just said point blank that he was going to kill Han. On the other hand, Han WAITING for Greedo to shoot before returning fire would be insane! And please tell me, how could Greedo miss at that distance anyway?!?
-Russell Keppner

Please god.
-Amar Patel

Lucas you are messing with part of my childhood. Please just give us the option to see these cherished films as we remember them.
-Owen Griffiths

Let us see the orignal sceen!!
-Maple Stolecki

Please make those originals come back on DVD
-Jeremy Beau

yeah, i'm watching the trilogy box set version on my compy right now, and the effect looks horrible! it should definetly be changed back. HAN SHOT FIRST!!
-Eric A.

A gun pointed at your head is enough of a threat! Don't wait for the punk to fire first.
-Gary Morgan

Come on, how about the REAL travesty - that Lucas changed the ending to make it appear as if Luke blew up the Death Star, when we all know it was Jek Porkins who did it. WTF, does Lucas have something against Fat Guys who happen to be ace pilots??? "STAY ON TARGET!!!"
-Puke Skybarfer

Enough with this idiot revisionist, politically correct bullshit cinematic editing. Restore the scene; don't be an idiot.
-Andrew Herdeg

I Am Not The Biggest FAn Of Star Wars, But Even I Know About THe Controversy. I WEatched And Compared The Scenes And The Original Was Much Better. And He Should Definately Release The Other Episodes. If Not For The Fans, Well Hell A Few Extra $$$ In His Pocket Couldnt Hurt Could It?
-Timothy Jason Weaver

Hell yeah! Give us what we want!
-Tomas Eriksson

Pre-emptive self defense is still self defense. And jeez, bring back the two-thousand-pound puppet Jabba - real fake is always better than virtual fake.

I, for one, enjoyed the remake of the infamous cantina scene. I think it showed us that Han really is one of the "good guys" of the story, instead of a cold-blooded killer who uses his blaster to solve every problem.
-Darth Homo

Han shooting first in the Theatrical version establishes him as a potental bad guy making his transformation into someone who cares meaningful. Please give us the orignal on DVD. Thanks.
-Sean McCauliff

George Lucas is Anakian believing he's Luke. He has used his power to exert such complete control over the thing he "loves", that he has destroyed it. Yet, he thinks he is saving it. What he fails to see is that once Star Wars was released, it was no longer his, but ours as well.
-Larry D Dennis II

Making Christian Hayden the ghost at the end of ROTJ has to be the biggest mistake in movie history. Not only is his acting embarrasing in Episode 2 but I have no emotional link to him. So after seeing Darth die, ready to see his transformed happy dad, we dont. Ripped away is the sadness, the emotion instead we have Hayden going, are you going to write the cheque now or later with a big fat smile. Why didnt he just edit it so Luke said whos the kid? I havent seen him before, looks like a nob!
-Thomas Reeve

Mr. Lucas, you gotta help a Jedi out here. Seriously, dude. I'm 14, and I haven't seen the original versions...ever. Also, I haven't seen the Holiday Special...I WANT THAT RELEASED. Hey, stop cursing're discouraging him! Don't bash my hero (Lucas)!
-Ryan Miorelli

Thanks, Mr Lucas, you changed the face of film forever. But, for me, NO Original Trilogy = NO SALE!!
-Tom Trinchera

I am also upset with the Trilogy release on DVD. Why is Darth Vaders soul young?
-Jonathan Stulce

Please release teh original theatrical version of Star Wars on DVD. These are the films we grew up with. Not the "Special Edition". -jason
-Jason Van De Velde

Dear Mr. Lucas, et al; Please preserve the artisitic integrity of your earlier works and earlier vision. You may have grown old and fat, and your vision of what is relevant to your story may have changed, but the rest of us are still bright-eyed youths, remembering Star Wars the way it was made. Not the way you've made it out to be after the fact. Your original Star Wars was full of moral ambiguity, touch choices, and interesting decision making. Too bad you've lost sight of that.
-Greg Quiroga

Han is da Man!
-Niall Young

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